K.M. Gillis' The Write Off Delivers on Characters and Love

The Write Off by K.M. Gillis was just the cutest! Both main characters, Rilla and Logan, were so endearing and such absolutely lovely people—of course they have flaws and aren’t perfect but they’re just so loveable. They drove me a little crazy at the beginning but all the enemies-to-lovers tension was so great.

Logan is now one of my favorite book boyfriends: grumpy, straightforward, intelligent, and with a heart of gold. He’s just so honest about everything (maybe to a fault sometimes), which always hits the mark for me. And Rilla is wonderful too: witty, kind, thoughtful, a little messy. The way they stand up for each other and just how they approached their relationship made me love it even more. 

Extra great things about The Write Off? Zero annoying tropes (i.e. miscommunication, lying, game-playing), no ridiculous third-act breakup, and a very satisfying ending! Which bumped it up to 5-star “obsessed” over 4-star “loved” for me.

Rating: 5
Steam: Medium
Themes and Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Workplace (Editor and Writer), Opposites Attract, Dual POV, Strong Friendships, Interesting Side Characters
Pair With: Dive bar drinks or Boston favorites

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