My blog's book Review Policy

Send Me Your Book!

I’m honored to accept Advance Reader Copies (ARC) and thrilled to get my hands on new books early! Please read my full review policy below for specifics so you’ll see if we might be a good fit.

Genres I Accept

I’m accepting books primarily in the romance genre—rom-coms, modern romance, historical romance—but also will review fiction (historical and modern) and mysteries.


I’d prefer a hard copy but will happily accept a digital copy I can read on a Kindle. I’ll also consider an audiobook, but I might not get through it quickly because audio takes so much longer and I don’t have the time to go back and re-read the parts that really stand out.

Please Include in Your Request

  • Summary of the book
  • Release date
  • Whatever you want me to know about your book
  • Time frame

My Process

If I accept your request, I’ll put your book on my list, give you a ballpark estimate of when I’ll read it, and will do my best to review it before the release date. I can’t guarantee that I’ll read it immediately, but I’m not going to accept it if I think I can’t get to it and leave a thoughtful review. I do reserve the right NOT to post a review if I’m not comfortable doing so. Typically, I post my reviews on this website and Goodreads, and share them on social media.

I really hope I love your book, but be aware that I might not. I’m not going to trash your book, but I will be honest about what I think. It’s not particularly credible when book reviewers gush over every book they review.

Please send requests to