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I hope you’re as into books as I am (read: obsessed)! I’m constantly posting book reviews and lists so you can find a book that’s right up your alley or avoid wasting your time on the wrong fit! If you’re looking for individual reviews, check out my Reviews page. If you’re after a certain type of book or looking for some options list-style, please visit my Booklists page. I hope you find what you’re looking for, and drop me a line if you’d like to chat! 

Book Ratings

Book ratings go from one to five, and decisionmaking is not my strength, so there’s almost always a decimal…

5 – LOVE and MUST read again. Might be a little obsessed…

4 – Loved and will read again if I have time. Something is holding me back from 5 stars but it’s close.

3 – Liked. It’s a good book I’d recommend but I’m not going crazy over it.

2 – Meh. Had some good ideas and bad writing (or bad ideas but good writing); I wouldn’t recommend it and won’t be including it on any “best of” lists.

1 – Disliked and likely didn’t finish. I probably won’t bother reviewing it but might need to warn others if I have a real problem with it.

Negative book reviews – I try to stay away from these because the author put heart, soul, time, and money into the book, but at the same time I’m going keep it real. So if I don’t like a book, you’ll know why. And you might love the books that aren’t my favorite—it’s clear plenty of people on Goodreads don’t share my opinions on books!

Romance and Rom-Com Steam

Sometimes you want hot and steamy, sometimes you want clean and sweet, sometimes you want something in the middle…

None – Nothing more than kissing.

Low – Fairly light on the steamy scenes for a romance, but there’s at least one, or a lot of talk about it.

Medium – At least a few hot and steamy scenes, about what you’d expect for a romance.

High – A lot of steam and maybe pushing some boundaries.

Very High/Fire – Do these people do anything else? Tons of steam, gratuitous scenes and/or really pushing boundaries. I don’t read many of these.

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