Review: (Trust) Falling for You by Charish Reid

Let academic rivals and polar opposites Yolanda and Samuel charm you in the Wisconsin woods!

In (Trust) Falling For You! Brilliant and chaotic professor Yolanda gets matched up with her nemesis, uptight and serious Samuel on their faculty teambuilding retreat. A cabin snafu forces them to room together, and you know where this is going!

I wondered when I started it if the book would be too stereotypical–enemies to lovers, cheesy teambuilding activities, etc. But it was perfect! Yolanda and Samuel take baby steps from awkward to close to can’t-get-enough-of-each-other, the team activities don’t overshadow the book, and you can really feel the characters growing closer and seeing what makes each other tick.

(Trust) Falling For You is also the perfect snack-size length–no need for a full novel to tell the story of one week in the woods. The audio version lasted about 4 hours. And maybe the best part of the book: no annoying third-act breakup!!!

The only negative was the way the audiobook narrator did Samuel’s voice. It sounded more gruff-old-man than hot thirtysomething professor.

We’re big fans of Charish Reid’s books and (Trust) Falling For You was another hit!

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