Escape Into Books, Wine & Summertime

Happy Summer! Where are you doing your reading (or where do you want to do your reading)? We’re hoping for some beach time, some poolside relaxation, and just some old-fashioned curling up in a comfy chair. And book and wine pairings of course!

With the summer heat rising, we also crave some light, refreshing wines to go with our books. Hence, here are our summer book and wine pairings. Hope you find some you love! You can also check out our content on Instagram and Goodreads!

Ah, the pure joy involved in the phrase “Rosé All Day.” It’s known for it’s freshness, vibrancy, and fruity nature, it pairs perfectly with and most of all, it’s pinkness!

So why not find some books that embody this freshness and are, well, PINK? A few of our favorite book and wine pairings for Rosé:


A few others to consider:

Effervescent, fun, celebratory, sparkling–so many ways to describe sparkling wine. So let’s enjoy some books with sparkling characters along with our wine. And by sparkling, we basically mean interesting–anything from witty, tough, charismatic, funny, spirited, you name it!

Here are some favorites for this book and wine pairing:

There’s nothing like a crisp and chilled Sauvignon Blanc on a hot day, at lunch, with a salad, whatever…and even better if you can enjoy it in a beautiful setting. 

Here are some books set in places we can easily imagine sipping a Sauvignon Blanc:

Pinot Grigio: light, easy-drinking and perfect on a summer day. So take a glass and curl up with your favorite easygoing  and fun characters and stories:

  • Love Ad Lib by Evie Alexander (Libby is absolutely hilarious and lots of fun)
  • The Summer Escape by Jill Shalvis (endearing characters on a quest)
  • Funny Story by Emily Henry (laid-back Miles is adorable)
  • Escape to the Sun by Elena Aitken (welcome to easygoing Bocas del Toro)
  • Maggie Moves On by Lucy Score (Silas the flirt)
  • Hook, Line & Sinker by Tessa Bailey (Fox seems so chill)

Summer isn’t limited to whites and rosés–there are some light and versatile reds that are delicious chilled. And delightful when paired with a light book perfect for summer. Some of our favorites:

And there you have our summer book and wine pairings!