Savor Everything in Tarah DeWitt's Savor It

I’ve been looking forward to Savor It for months—it hit my expectations and then some.

Sage is such a kind and loving soul who’s tired of being the town pity case after her ex (and mayor’s son) dumps her for another woman. She’s strong, smart, and does things her own way. She takes in unwanted animals and practically has a menagerie on her property. She loves her life, but doesn’t realize a piece of her heart is missing until Fisher comes along.

Fisher is a wildly successful NYC chef and guardian to his 15-year-old niece after her mother died. He’s full of guilt and unrest, and, finally, after a blowup with a slimy food critic and the loss of a Michelin star, he’s sent to small-town Oregon for a project and moves in next door to Sage.

I loved how their relationship built and came together—starting as friendly but somewhat distant neighbors who don’t understand each other, then growing together as they each feel seen by the other and truly connect. Everyone’s always tried to “fix” Sage, but Fisher wants her exactly as he is. Fisher’s been grappling with so many feelings and no way to get them out until he meets Sage and she draws him into her world.

I also loved how Savor It didn’t harp on the ex—you got what you needed to understand the tension and context, and then we moved on. She wasn’t wasting her time and energy being angry or pining over him, but moving on in her life (even if it’s nice to be petty every once in a while).

And nothing was ridiculous—of course there’s some drama to make the story interesting (and the animals had their adorable quirks), but things made sense, all the relationships felt so real, and I couldn’t get enough.

Rating: 5
Steam: Medium
Themes and Tropes: Small Town, Neighbors, Single Dad, Summer Fling
Pair With: Oregon wines

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