Sable Peak by Devney Perry

In Sable Peak, Book Six of the Edens series, love brews (eventually) between the last unattached Eden brother, Mateo, and the younger Vera Gallagher, who’s new in town and been through more trauma than most can imagine.

Mateo returns to the family home in Montana after years of flying planes in Alaska. Known as a player who’ll never fall in love or get attached, he suddenly learns he has a newborn daughter back in Alaska. So off he goes to get her and bring her home, where his family instantly welcomes her and surrounds them both with love.

In a bit of a tangled background, Vera and her dad lived off the grid for years after the world believed he killed Vera’s mother and sisters in cold blood. Family friend and detective Vance (who’s engaged to Mateo’s sister) finds her, figures out what happens, and finds a way to bring her back into the world. She’s drawn to Mateo, but he only sees her as a friend….

Sable Peak was a good read. Not as good as Crimson River, and better than Jasper Vale. I loved the warmth and affection among the Edens—you can feel the family closeness and they seem like real people. The author does a lovely job of integrating the different personalities and making them seem like a real (if somewhat too-good-to-be-true) family.

Vera’s perseverance, vulnerability, and love, and her effort to deal with all her trauma made me root for her. Mateo’s transformation from lost, to wonderful dad, to figuring out his life was rewarding to see. And watching these two broken souls find some love and peace among the wreckage was lovely. Plus, so many emotional and poignant moments.

It took a while for the book to get going—the unrequited love went on for a long time—but the story needed some groundwork. You could read Sable Peak without the others, but I’d recommend at least reading Crimson River first so you can get all of Vera’s background.

Rating: 3.7
Steam: Medium
Themes and Tropes: Past Trauma, Unrequited Love, Single Dad, Small Town
Pair With: Wines from Montana