Fall in Love with Vermont in What I Should've Said by Max Monroe

What I Should've Said: Small Town, Enemies to Lovers, and Big Emotions

Wow. What I Should’ve Said hit me hard in all the good ways. I love Max Monroe’s writing style, characters, storytelling–everything. This book is different from the couple of hers I’ve already read–deep and absolutely heart-wrenching. I almost never cry in books but boy did this one get me.

Norah’s been raised by a psychotic mother in NYC wealth and privilege, has her life pre-arranged, and is all set to marry old money and power at St. Patrick’s when she receives a life-changing letter exposing some dangerous truths. So, with basically nothing but her wedding dress, she high-tails it to the small Vermont town where she was born and her older sister lives.

Bennett’s a NY transplant too, a renowned artist and resident grump, living in the same small town. He’s raising his absolute ray of sunshine daughter, who suffers from a serious genetic disease and brings all the emotions.

Norah and Bennett’s chemistry is instant, even if manifests in hatred, anger, and judgment for a while. But they turn so many corners together, support each other, and find the beauty in their lives. While romance is the central plot and theme of What I Should’ve Said, there is so much more to this story–the fragility of life, self-discovery, karma, family. It’ll be sticking with me for a while.

Rating: 5
Steam: Low
Themes and Tropes: Runaway Bride, Small Town, Enemies to Lovers, Artist, Family, Grief, Self-Discovery
Pair With: This one calls for some bourbon.

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