New Review: The Partner Plot by Kristina Forest

Second Chance Meets Vegas Meets Fake Marriage!

Violet and Xavier. Xavier and Violet. High school sweethearts, inseparable, meant to be, perfectly matched. Until they weren’t. They went their separate ways in heartbreaking fashion in The Partner Plot only to run into each other in Vegas ten years later, get drunk, party, and…get married? Or did they? Either way, a fake marriage would get the spotlight off of Violet’s messy love life as she’s trying to make it big in the fashion industry. It would also help Xavier be taken more seriously for a new job, so why not?

There’s a reason neither of them never fell for anyone else in the 10-year break (even though Violet almost married a complete slimeball) and that reason pops up fast….the reconnection is so sweet and the feelings so earnest, but life is messy and they can’t just pick up where they left off in high school. Still, they are both committed to each other even if they have their freak-out moments and wonder if it can work. I love the honesty of their love and the way they interact (most of the time), and I can be a real sucker for second-chance romance, so, yeah, loved The Partner Plot.

I liked the first in the series, The Neighbor Favor, but definitely liked The Partner Plot more, and it’s not necessary to read The Neighbor Favor to enjoy this one.

Rating: 4.3
Steam: Low to Medium
Themes and Tropes: Second Chance, Fake Marriage, Vegas, High School Sweethearts
Pair With: Fashion and Wine – check out this post from Wine Enthusiast!

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