A Fun Debut From Etta Easton: The Kiss Countdown

The Kiss Countdown: Fake Dating, Close Proximity, Hot Astronauts!

The Kiss Countdown was a fun fake-dating story and cute debut from Etta Easton. 

Amerie’s life isn’t in the best place–she loses her event-planning job after an unfortunate debacle and then runs into her smug and snotty ex with his new girlfriend. What’s a girl to do but grab the hot stranger she’s had her eye on and introduce him as her boyfriend…

Vincent’s happy to play along but also needs something from Amerie–a fake girlfriend to get his mother off his back. He’s an astronaut and his mom does NOT approve of such a dangerous career. She thinks if he settles down, he won’t be drawn to space anymore. So Vincent offers Amerie a free place to stay while she gets her new company up and running if she’ll come to a weeklong family gathering and pretend they’re together. He doesn’t want the distraction of a relationship interfering with his career, and thinks this is the perfect solution. 

Only the more time they spend together, the more their fake feelings become real. Especially Vincent’s. Unfortunately, The Kiss Countdown only gives us Amerie’s point of view. This is a book that really could have used a dual perspective, as at times it’s hard to read Vincent and we get way too much Amerie. 

The Kiss Countdown was good–loved the characters, the premise, the astronaut aspect, the chemistry. Didn’t love the meltdown of a third-act breakup or Amerie’s over-the-top reactions, and sometimes the dialogue felt stilted. Overall a good, fun read but not as memorable as I’d hoped. 

Rating: 3.3
Steam: Low to Medium
Themes and Tropes: Fake Relationship, Close Proximity, Meddling Family, Only One Bed, Single POV
Pair With: Oregon wines

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