New Review: Switched by Sarah Ready

What would you do if you switched places with your soulmate (even if you won't admit it)?

I was so excited for Switched—the past three Sarah Ready books have captivated me and left me with all the feelings. But in this one, I couldn’t get past Serena’s thoughts and actions, and found myself annoyed with her a LOT.

Serena thinks—with absolute certainty—that if she falls in love with a person, all her dreams in science will vanish into thin air and somehow she won’t be herself anymore. She lives her life by this mantra, so when the perfect man comes along and she could have a real shot at love, she lies to him and stomps all over his heart while feeling only marginally guilty (if at all). Honesty? Nah. Not her thing.

In a freak encounter, they somehow switch bodies and decide they need to stick together at all times until they figure out how to switch back, which involves all kinds of misadventures (some absolutely hilarious) and seeing both their families. As they get to know each other and are stuck in each other’s bodies, they start understanding each other more deeply and there are some beautiful moments.

But Serena’s character growth is slow and almost nonexistent until close to the end. She won’t give up on her completely twisted premise that love means she has to give up science no matter how much Henry proves he’d support her and how much she’s hurting both of them. The explanation you get about why she’s this way is somewhat understandable, but still I just couldn’t get over it.

The humor helps Switched along, especially the moments with Henry’s family, Henry’s experience with Serena’s cycle, and the ex-girlfriend, among others. And it’s not just the funny moments that stick, but the heartfelt conversations between Serena and Henry, and between each of them and other family members, that add some depth. The uniqueness of the story made it fun and not just an average rom-com. So those elements made it enjoyable, but weren’t enough to make it truly special.

Rating: 3
Steam: Low
Themes and Tropes: STEM lead characters, Switching Places, Opposites Attract, One-Night Stand, Love at First Sight, Forced Proximity
Pair With: Switch out your usual wine for one that’s totally opposite.

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