Murder and Amnesia in Amy Tintera's Listen for the Lie

In Listen for the Lie, Savannah “Savvy” Harper is found dead on the side of the road early one morning, and her best friend Lucy Chase is found wandering nearby, badly injured. At first, everyone thinks Lucy escaped whoever killed Savvy. But when no one else is found and Lucy can’t remember anything, the town starts suspecting her and it’s not long before everyone’s 100% sure Lucy killed Savvy. Even her own family. 

That was five years ago, and everyone outside their small Texas town has forgotten. Lucy moved to L.A. and hasn’t set foot in town since. Until podcaster Ben drags it up and makes it a national story, and now everyone in the U.S. thinks she’s a murderer. But she still doesn’t remember anything and doesn’t know for sure whether she killed her friend or not.

I loved how Listen for the Lie was set up–most chapters are from Lucy’s point of view with podcast segments interspersed, plus a few flashback chapters. I loved how Lucy wasn’t even a particularly likeable character–I actually liked her spine and willingness to take no s*** from people–but she’s rough around the edges and has no interest in playing nice. I wish the author had gone deeper with Ben’s character; I would have loved more backstory on him and more detail around his life.

The side characters really made the book–the whodunit element is spectacular when you have a full cast of quirky, hateable characters to consider. Honestly, there are a lot of jerks in Listen for the Lie. A LOT. But they make it interesting and a pretty wild ride!

Rating: 4.5
Steam: Low (more mystery than romance)
Themes and Tropes: Whodunit, Small Town, Podcast Mystery, Dysfunction
Pair With: A mystery case of wine? Are you game?

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