Find a Second Chance inThe Rule Book by Sarah Adams

The Rule Book has it all: hazing, sweetness, beach escapes, hilarity, and lasting love!

My first Sarah Adams book! I know! You guys have written so many great reviews of her books so I finally read one for myself. And The Rule Book was so cute and so much fun to read.

We jump right in—Nora’s a killer sports agent but still trying to prove herself in a boys’ club. She’s assigned to Derek, who’s the NFL’s hottest tight end until a potentially career-ending injury sidelines him. Who also happens to be her college ex-boyfriend. Who she dumped out of nowhere with no explanation. Who’s never gotten over her. And who she’s never gotten over.

Let the petty hazing begin. Nora needs this job and Derek knows it. And he’s still really hurt, even eight years later. So they come up with some rules. But they end up in Vegas for an event, drink too much, and start breaking them….

After a rough beginning, I ended up loving both characters in The Rule Book so much! Nora was so tough, going toe to toe with all the jerks in the sports agent world, yet so endearing and quirky and funny. And Derek is an absolute sweetheart under the big tough guy exterior, remembers so much about her, and gets on board pretty quickly with winning her back.

Whether subconsciously or secretly, some part of them knows they want to be together, knows this is it for them. You see glimpses of their past selves (but thankfully, no dual timeline) and how they’ve grown; how now is the right time for them to be together and make it happen. Each harbors so many feelings and slowly trusts the other with them, and it all comes out beautifully.

The Rule Book is for you if you like:

  • Second chances
  • Hilarious banter
  • Accidental Vegas weddings
  • Fake(ish) marriages
  • Sports (football/agents)
  • Cutesy nicknames in jest
  • Endearing male friend groups (though I’ve NEVER met a group of guys who are this sensitive)
  • Chemistry
  • Beach honeymoons
  • No super-annoying third-act breakup

Rating: 4
Steam: Low
Themes and Tropes: Second Chance, Agent and Athlete, Vegas, Fake Marriage
Pair With: Wines from Southern California. Best known is the Temecula Valley

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