Review: Red String Theory by Lauren Kung Jessen

Is it fate or free will (or both?) bringing Jack and Rooney together?

Red String Theory: the ultimate fate-versus-free-will, opposites attract romance, and I am here for it!

Artist Rooney and NASA scientist Jack find themselves first in a Manhattan print shop with big time work issues. They meet-cute, click, and then off they go their separate ways. Both feel the loss—strangely, they think—until they coincidentally meet again that night. Is it fate? Rooney thinks so. Jack says no way—there’s no such thing as fate, life is just a series of choices. They share a magical night, but then it seems all is lost. But they find themselves together again where love is off-limits.

Or is it? Mostly, I loved Red String Theory. It felt different from many of the romances I’ve been reading lately. Rooney and Jack were the perfect romance characters: lovely, flawed people with so much to give, so much to learn, so much to find in each other. They share so many entrancing moments, with Jack trying to inspire Rooney to get her artist’s groove back, the two of them sharing dumplings along with secrets, gaining confidence, watching them quietly falling deeper in love. It’s just a beautiful story.

The fate versus free will gets to be a little extreme—Rooney’s 100% fate and Jack’s 100% free will, and both are set in their ways. That’s probably my only complaint and a minor one at that.

Audio version was great!

Rating: 4.5
Steam: None
Themes and Tropes: Fate v. Free Will, Opposites Attract, Forbidden(ish) Love
Pair With: Fate Wines or Free Will Brewing Company

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