Obsession Falls by Claire Kingsley

Audrey finds herself in the place of last resort: her small hometown, where she takes a job of last resort at the local paper. Quiet contractor Josiah is perfectly happy on his own and needs zero women complicating his life, especially the beautiful, bubbly Audrey right next door.

But of course, he can’t help himself. When dead animals and threatening messages appear at Audrey’s door and the two grow closer, he won’t stop until the creep is held responsible.

I’m a huge Claire Kingsley fan—mostly because her characters rock and she keeps my attention throughout her books. Obsession Falls did not disappoint! Great characters? Check. Audrey is honest and hard-working with a soft heart. Her politician parents paraded her around town as a kid to pad their images; she’s done with all that fakeness.

Josiah is my perfect book boyfriend—hot and masculine, sensitive, protective, loving, works hard, cares about his family. He’d been hurt deeply by his mom and an ex-girlfriend, but he didn’t let it ruin what he had with Audrey.

I loved that Audrey and Josiah didn’t play games and mostly acted like adults—yay! When something bothered them, they talked about it; they didn’t allow their fears to destroy their relationship but leaned on each other for support. There was plenty of drama, but not the annoying kind. And of course they have flaws–realistic, human flaws and not ridiculousness.

The mystery stalker plotline worked well too, giving them a reason to get closer and pushing the drama to external forces rather than inside the relationship. And of course, the dog is adorable too!

Rating: 4

Steam: Medium

Themes and Tropes: Small Town, Grumpy v. Sunshine, Opposites Attract, Proximity, Mystery/Suspense

Pair With: Wines from the Pacific Northwest, such as Dunham Cellars Bordeaux Blend, Brook & Bull Chardonnay or red blend, Ransom Sunnyside Riesling, King Estate Pinot Gris, Four Graces Pinot Noir.