Five Non-Alcoholic Wines to Get You Through Dry January

Trying to make it through the rest of Dry January? Should we even bother? Well, we’re limping toward the finish line with about two weeks to go, and thought we’d (sort of) indulge in some fake (read: non-alcoholic) wine to see if it’s even worth it. Here are a few you might enjoy. If you’re looking to go back off the wagon, check out other wine recommendations here

Zero Proof sells bundles of non-alcoholic wines in all varieties and from different sources and companies. It has everything from mixed samplers to sparkling wines, reds, whites, and more. Or just single bottles because, let’s face it, are we that excited about fake wine?

The best-selling bundle includes six different non-alcoholic wines for $119. Take 15% for Dry January on the website. 

Featured in The New York Times and other publications, and sold on Amazon, Thomson & Scott’s Noughty line is well-regarded for quality, tasty non-alcoholic wines. Its sparkling wines are particularly popular, especially its dry and low-sugar sparkling Chardonnay. You can also find reds, whites, and roses. Plus, it’s certified organic. Enjoy with light lunches, snacks, and cheeses.  

If you’re looking for a red, the Thomson & Scott Noughty Dealcoholized Rouge is a good bet. It’s made from Syrah, and The New York Times reports “It tasted earthy with a touch of sweetness, but the flavor dropped off quickly, and the Rouge lacked the richness or acidity to give a lasting impression on the palate. Overall, it was still a fairly balanced wine. We were impressed with how close it came to the real deal and agreed that we’d happily offer it to guests.”

Produced in Spain, Rondel Zero Cava is described as “bright, cheerful, and light” with fruity aromas and “zesty notes of apple and citrus flavors.” Total Wine consumers gave it 4.3 stars and found it to be the best substitute they could find for champagne and other sparkling wines. And it’s only $10.99. 

On the FRE Wines website, you can find just about any variety of non-alcoholic wine. FRE bills itself as a sophisticated and delicious way to enjoy wine without the side effects of alcohol. The wines consistently receive good ratings from various sources. For example, Wine Enthusiast placed FRE’s Sauvignon Blanc and White Zinfandel on its Best Non-Alcoholic Wines Guide. I went for the Sparkling Brut and found it refreshing and not much different from the real deal. Plus, the Fre website also offers fun mocktail recipes. Enjoy!

Produced in Germany, St. Regis Spritz “is a ready to drink alcohol free cocktail, vibrantly orange and delightfully effervescent, it shows a mild bitterness with a hint of sweetness rounded up by pleasant herbal notes.” Available for $12.99 at Total Wine, customers describe a “unique orange taste” and that the wine is refreshing. Sounds like personal preference is key–I’m not a big orange spritz person and haven’t tried this wine, but if you are, this might be the perfect non-alcoholic choice!