Snow Days With You by Leonie Mack

I love Leonie Mack’s leading men so much! In Snow Days With You, we have Yannick, a gorgeous and strong mountain rescuer with a heart of absolute gold. He has loved and lost, dotes on his five-year-old daughter, and harbors tremendous guilt from losing a close friend and mountain guide during a rescue near Chamonix, France.

Along comes Luna, who’s facing some guilt of her own. Out of nowhere, she got a huge life insurance payout from a man she’s never heard of, so she packs up from the UK and heads to Chamonix to find out what she can. At first, there’s not much to find; no one seems to know who this guy is.

Little by little, Luna and Yannick fit some pieces together, but the answers aren’t that simple. Does she want to know more? Are either of them willing to take chances with their hearts? What is the real story?

As usual, Leonie Mack rocks the character development and setting, and makes you feel like you’re experiencing the Alps, the feels, everything. Luna is a kind and thoughtful soul—many people would just deposit the huge payout and spend away. But she’s intent on paying her respects, and as it goes deeper, finding out more about her past and her family.

Luna’s also a bit lost, grieving her mother and realizing she has no one to ask all these new questions; not knowing the next steps in her life; possibly falling in love when she thinks she shouldn’t?

Back to my love for Yannick; he’s such a teddy bear behind an imposing rescuer visage. Immediately you see how deeply he feels—about his lost friend, his daughter, his calling to save others—and how he still guards his heart and fears more hurt. He doesn’t let much slip out and it takes a lot of work for him to express his feelings, but it’s worth it when he does!

So, overall, Snow Days With You is the perfect mix of seeking answers, sympathetic characters, a beautiful setting, and romance. Another Leonie Mack win for me.

Rating: 4.5
Steam: Low
Themes and Tropes: Self-Discovery, Slow Burn, Proximity, Mystery/Finding Answer, Small Village
Pair With: Wines from the French Alps. Better yet, go there yourself (I can dream, right?). Check out this article in Food & Wine and learn about the Savoie-Mont Blanc region