The Dane of My Existence by Jessica Martin

A town after the Bard's own heart, an ambitious lawyer, and small-town antics to liven up your Monday!

To pay homage to one of our favorite childhood and college songs, it’s Manic Monday at Decanting Books. On Manic Monday, we pick a book that’s a little wild, a little crazy, or just a dreading-Monday kind of book. Or something to get us out of the Monday funk. Today it’s The Dane of My Existence, where you can channel your inner corporate lawyer turned small-town savior and even enjoy some Shakespeare puns too!

What happens when a big-time corporate lawyer with a (secret) soft spot for her hometown and its people goes toe-to-toe with an ambitious and hot real estate developer over preserving the town’s Shakespearean history? You get The Dane of My Existence, a perfect tale for your Manic Monday.

Just the Shakespearean references are enough for me, but the whole book was simply quirky and a lot of fun. Portia always wanted out of her small town, but finds herself happily tied to it in other ways—she’s always helping someone out pro bono and lending her power and assistance when people need it. When Benjamin sets his sights on the one property the town needs to keep its lifeblood annual Shakespeare festival going, Portia declares war.

Benjamin’s harder to read, mainly because The Dane of My Existence comes in first-person solely from Portia’s perspective. Some books add enough insights to the other person through dialogue or observation, but this book didn’t. I never felt in tune with Ben or fully understood where he was coming from. Such as why he couldn’t just go find another property, for example.

Still, a fast, hilarious read full of banter and some heat too!

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Rating: 4
Steam: Low
Themes and Tropes: Small Town, Instant Attraction, Shakespeare, Real Estate Development
Pair With: Bourbon