Manic Monday: The Blonde Identity by Ally Carter

To pay homage to one of our favorite childhood and college songs, it’s Manic Monday at Decanting Books. On Manic Monday, we pick a book that’s a little wild, a little crazy, or just a dreading-Monday kind of book. Or something to get us out of the Monday funk. 

Today it’s a fast-paced, wild romantic thriller, The Blonde Identity by Ally Carter. 

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Hilarity, danger, hotness, and a wild ride to get you through your Monday...

Zoe wakes up in snowy Paris in the middle of the night with a pounding headache, no idea who she is, and all kinds of chaos going on around her. She doesn’t know her name, has no idea why she’s in Paris, and has four Euros in her pocket. And a hot, hot guy is telling her to run for her life. And people are shooting at her. What? Welcome to The Blonde Identity

Mysterious Sawyer comes to her rescue. Maybe. Is he a spy, CIA operative, bad guy, someone else? Suddenly he grabs her and the action-adventure-thriller-romance is off.

They flee together and keep running into one bad guy or another, and Zoe doesn’t even know who’s good and who’s bad . . . the Russian mobsters after a flash drive with massive secrets, the CIA ops who can’t be trusted, European law enforcement?

Loved the characters! Zoe’s resourcefulness and bravery keeps things interesting. Sawyer wants so much to be the good guy, and the hot dangerous guy—is he good or bad? The Blonde Identity is a fun, fast-paced romantic thriller–just enough danger and thrill to make it exciting and wild, just enough romance to kind of soften it up, crazy twists and turns, and some great laughs thrown in to make it not deathly serious. So, in sum, sexy, thrilling, and funny at the same time.

P.S. Audio version, narrated by Andrew Eiden, was great!

Rating: 4.5
Steam: Low
Themes and Tropes: Thriller/Action, Amnesia, Twin
Pair With: Wine that goes down fast and easy.