Surrender to Romantic Fantasy in Bride by Ali Hazelwood

A Vampyre and Were arranged marriage from one of our fave STEM romance authors? Yes please!

To pay homage to one of our favorite childhood and college songs, it’s Manic Monday at Decanting Books. On Manic Monday, we pick a book that’s a little wild, a little crazy, or just a dreading-Monday kind of book. Or something to get us out of the Monday funk. Today it’s  Bride by Ali Hazelwood. We’ve read and loved her women-in-STEM romance books, and couldn’t wait to jump into our first Ali Hazelwood paranormal/fantasy romance. 

Bride features Misery, a Vampyre who’s always been pariah even among her own species; and Lowe, the Alpha Were whose fellow Weres deeply respect him. They agree to a marriage of convenience, supposedly to forge an alliance between enemy species, but each has an ulterior motive or two. Neither expects anything to ever happen between them….

Honestly, was Bride super unique or deep? No, but that didn’t take away from the fun. The quirks were cute and Lowe was the perfect Alpha character—possessive but not a complete domineering jerk, broody, dangerous, loyal, with the sweetest soft spots. Misery too exudes indifference and toughness, but we also find her soft spots for Lowe and for little Ana, and what she’s willing to do for love and friendship.

Overall, Bride is a fun book we’d recommend and probably will remember (unless I suddenly start reading lots more fantasies) for a while.

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Rating: 4
Steam: Medium
Themes and Tropes: Paranormal, Fantasy, Political Alliances, Alpha Male, Arranged Marriage
Pair With: Wine from Vampire Vineyards