Review: Love, Naturally by Sophie Sullivan

Get lost in the woods with sexy outdoor guy Beckett and lovable city girl Presley...

Anytime a book involves nature and a hot outdoor guy, I’m in! Even better when you add in the opposites attract, sweet characters, and kicking an obnoxious ex-boyfriend to the curb that you’ll find in Love, Naturally.

Presley’s been working at everything in life—trying to succeed in her hotel management career, be independent, and make her relationship with her boyfriend work. When she surprises him with a 10-day trip to a lakefront lodge for the two of them (something this city girl would never do), he wants to take someone else to ger away from Presley.

Beckett adores his family and will do anything for them—support his newly divorced brother in getting the lodge off the ground, help his single-mom sister and niece run the place, and sit on his dreams for a little while.

So when city girl Presley and “hot mountain man” Beckett cross paths, you see where this is going. Love, Naturally is super sweet—two characters who are almost too perfect, at least for a while. They’re both kind and thoughtful, get along perfectly not only with each other but everyone they come across, have great ideas for everything, etc. The attraction is instant and cute; they get together pretty quickly and really click; it’s all closed-door.

The story outside of the two main characters is cute too. Beckett’s family is lovely, his niece is adorable, you get a little of their stories and a feel for the surroundings.

Love, Naturally was my first Sophie Sullivan book and I’m sure I’ll dig into more of her work. 

Rating: 4
Steam: None
Themes and Tropes: Opposites Attract, Instant Attraction, Small Town, Nature
Pair With: This is more of a craft beer read.

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