K.T. Hoffman Knocks It Out of the Park With The Prospects

The Prospects: Baseball, Acceptance, Love, and Hope

Loved The Prospects! Gene is just such a lovely, endearing character from the start. He’s the first openly trans man in pro baseball. He’s an outstanding infielder and playing shortstop until Luis shows up, when he gets shifted over to 2B. Luis, who ghosted him after college and won’t give him the time of day…

They’re bad-news-bears on the field and no better off of it, so they decide to practice extra together, and slowly crack through each other’s defenses.

Gene and Luis’ relationship is beautiful, from the early hesitant moments, to the way they slowly let each other in, to the support they show one another and the trials they face. The Prospects‘ side characters add depth, love, and some comic relief.

It was so nice to see so much acceptance and teammates genuinely caring for each other whether gay, straight, trans, bi, whatever. Of course in real life, the world would probably be a lot uglier than what’s shown in The Prospects, especially for Gene, but it was nice to pretend and hope that humanity could be kind and accepting.

Rating: 4.5
Steam: Low to Medium
Themes and Tropes: Sports (Baseball), LGBTQIA+, Proximity, Teammates, Found Family
Pair With: Oregon wines

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