Speed Away With Some Road Trip Romance!

Find Your Perfect Road Trip Romance in a Car, Train, Carriage, Boat....

Who doesn’t love a great road trip? Or a road trip romance? Whether teeming with misadventure, packing enemies in close quarters, or pushing our characters into the ghastly only-one-bed situation (oh the horror, but we’re adults, right), road trip romance books bring the fun and adventure we’re seeking. 

Here are are few of our favorite road trip romance books–hope you enjoy them too!

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Two witty exes trapped on a road trip full of misadventure and hilarity? Yes, please! When Katherine suffers a concussion and a giant gash on her back from a taxi accident, the hospital calls her emergency contact. Who happens to be her ex-husband, Tom. Who’s trying to get out of NYC for Christmas so he can propose to his girlfriend.

Katherine can’t be left alone and has no one else, so the two reluctantly decide to head to Tom’s family’s Chicago home together. And what kind of road trip romance would this be if there were no major mishaps (or catastrophes) along the way? Or if some real feelings started creeping in?

Of course, the more they learn about each other, the more they learn about what went wrong between them, and the more they actually try to communicate with each other, the better it gets. Emergency Contact is a great balance of fun banter, crazy obstacles, serious thoughts about where they’re heading, and self-reflection. We enjoyed the book the entire way through, which is rare for me. We do wish there had been a few more legit conversations, but that may be part of what makes the HEA so perfect in this book.

One other thing: it was the perfect length! It was relatively short, which is how a road trip book should be. So often, it seems like authors try to drag out a book to make it an “appropriate” length. This book isn’t complex and didn’t need a complex length—so happy the authors recognized that.

Not quite 5 stars, but pretty close! (P.S. Audio version was great–narrators Brianna Cohen and Tim Paige). 

Rating: 4.7
Steam: None
Themes and Tropes: Second Chance, Road Trip, Holidays/Christmas, Enemies to Lovers, Close Proximity, Clean Romance
Pair With: Perfect pairings with Bolognese sauce. Consider a nice Barolo such as La Spinona Sori Gepin or Giovanni Rosso Barolo del Commune di Serralunga d’Alba. For a less expensive option, Costco’s Kirkland Signature Barolo is a good value. 

Hilarious from the start! Has anyone else accidentally sent the wrong attachment to an email? I know I have, though luckily it wasn’t a sexy romance book about my boss…

Brooke’s successful book trilogy is turning into a Netflix series, and she has to keep the momentum going with her next book. But, she refers to her draft—due now—as a heaping pile of garbage. So she gets a little drunk working up the courage to send this pile of garbage to Chase, her dreamy editor. She quickly hits send before she can rethink it (again), and two weeks later, she finds out she sent him the steamy fantasy she wrote about him.

And he loves it. And he’s betting his job that it’ll be a best-seller. And it needs to get edited in a few short weeks. So Chase joins her on the Netflix tour as her RV driver and off they go on a road trip romance.

The banter between Brooke and Chase make the book so much fun, and the buildup to when they finally give in really works. Chase was the absolute best—he might have actually needed a few more flaws to make him a real person. There was some hate about this book taking too long to get going, but that didn’t really bother me (and I’m good with a slow burn when done well), but there is some repetition and it could have been shorter. Maybe I just liked Chase so much that I didn’t care!

Rating: 4
Steam: Medium
Tropes: Road Trip, Colleagues, Writer/Editor, Proximity, Slow Burn
Pair With: RoadTrip Wine

Seeking escape and freedom, Raff and Penn find it . . . with each other on this medieval road trip romance.

In 1360 England, Penn and Lily’s powerful families are forcing a marriage neither wants. Penn finds a way to escape the keep into the nearby woods, and of course the woods soon swarm with people looking for him. Lily’s brother Raff, who’s known for tracking and survival abilities, is among them. And he finds him, but mistakes him as a servant. Penn, who also has no idea who Raff is, and begs him to take him along to freedom and find him work somewhere else.

Each had been seeking freedom and solitude, but start realizing it’s easy to be around each other. And each is hoping the other feels the same way, but there’s much uncertainty and doubt. Yes, this part of the story can get a little slow, but these characters needed the time and pages for the relationship to really build and grow. The journey illustrates the growing tenderness, depth of feelings, and personalities to shine. 

One Night in Hartswood kept my attention—the combination of the characters’ sweetness, guessing when and how the secrets would come out, and wondering how the author would resolve all the conflicts really worked. The resolution was clever, though following these two genuinely good people and seeing them end up happy was the best reward!

Rating: 4
Steam: Medium
Themes and Tropes: Secret Identity, LGBTQ+, Road Trip, Forbidden Love
Pair With: Wines from Seneca Shore Wine Cellars, Medieval Wines of the Finger Lakes

Zoe wakes up in snowy Paris in the middle of the night with a pounding headache, no idea who she is, and all kinds of chaos going on around her. She doesn’t know her name, has no idea why she’s in Paris, and has four Euros in her pocket. And a hot, hot guy is telling her to run for her life. And people are shooting at her. What? Welcome to The Blonde Identity

Mysterious Sawyer comes to her rescue. Maybe. Is he a spy, CIA operative, bad guy, someone else? Suddenly he grabs her and the action-adventure-thriller-romance is off. Maybe road trip romance is stretching it a bit….

They flee together and keep running into one bad guy or another, and Zoe doesn’t even know who’s good and who’s bad . . . the Russian mobsters after a flash drive with massive secrets, the CIA ops who can’t be trusted, European law enforcement?

Loved the characters! Zoe’s resourcefulness and bravery keeps things interesting. Sawyer wants so much to be the good guy, and the hot dangerous guy—is he good or bad? The Blonde Identity is a fun, fast-paced romantic thriller–just enough danger and thrill to make it exciting and wild, just enough romance to kind of soften it up, crazy twists and turns, and some great laughs thrown in to make it not deathly serious. So, in sum, sexy, thrilling, and funny at the same time.

P.S. Audio version, narrated by Andrew Eiden, was great!

Rating: 4.4
Steam: Low
Themes and Tropes: Thriller/Action, Amnesia, Twin
Pair With: Wine that goes down fast and easy.

Brit is fun, creative, and reaching for the independence and dreams her snotty and overbearing family never let her pursue. She breaks off her engagement with her cheating fiancé and heads off on their honeymoon on her own, where she runs into Nick when they both miss the cruise. And road trip romance, here we come!

Nick’s on a different kind of emotional journey—taking his brother’s ashes to all the spots on his list. He’s the strong one who takes on all his family’s burdens with no respite or even a thanks along the way.

Making their way back to New York from Costa Rica shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? But once they make it to Houston, all flights to NYC are delayed for days because of a massive storm in the Northeast, so now it’s cars and trains for these two opposite but endearing personalities, who each need to make it back ASAP for their own reasons.

Brit’s drive for her own life and dreams is inspirational—she knows what she wants and she’s going for it, even if she’s a bit of a mess and annoying at times. Nick’s loyalty and dedication to his family is endearing and you feel pain, even if he can be a bit of a martyr. They felt like real people for the most part, and the way everything happened was true to their personalities.

Loved the way the ending came together. It’s a romance, so you know there’s an HEA, and I love when (1) the breakup isn’t absurd, (2) there’s some sweet revenge, and (3) the ending just fits with the characters and the story. 

Rating: 4
Steam: Medium
Themes and Tropes: Opposites Attract, Road Trip, Proximity, Travel, Slow-ish Burn (we’re well into the book when they get together, but only a few days into their timeline).
Pair With: Wines from the best road trip destinations

Tough-as-nails lawyer Louisa spends her life working and stressing at a good old boys’ law firm that’s never going to acknowledge her worth, and she’s finally had it. The final straw comes while she’s actually trying to enjoy a break at a local Renaissance faire. Luckily, her sweet cousin introduces her to the faire’s fantastic traveling band, the Dueling Kilts, and they welcome Louisa—now Lulu—her into their lives and let her tag along for a little while.

Dex is the playboy of the band who has a different woman at every stop and doesn’t take love seriously. He notices that Lulu’s different from the women he knows, most of all because she’s not falling for his charms and has clearly friend-zoned him. Or has she?

As they’re cooped up together, Lulu sees parts of Dex he hides from the world and realizes there’s more to him than a happy-go-lucky hottie. And why not have a summer traveling fling with a hottie she’s also starting to like?

This book was super cute and lots of fun! I liked it way more than I thought I would, and loved the Renaissance faire settings and all the characters. The author revealed bits of Dex and Lulu at a time and let us get to know them as they were getting to know each other. Type-A Lulu adapted to the faire scene and found a niche for her skills and personality, and Dex really came alive with Lulu and the rest of the group as the summer went on.

Rating: 4
Steam: Medium
Themes and Tropes: Opposites Attract, Proximity, Musician, Road Trip
Pair With: Renaissance Faire fare. Consider Renaissance Vineyard and Winery.

Sloane’s loved Jasper since she was a child. Jasper looked at her as a little sister until he realized his feelings toward her weren’t brotherly at all. When Sloane discovers her fiancé cheating—on their wedding day—Jasper gets her out of there and they end up on the road together in this road trip romance. Their baggage, and feelings, come out along the way.

The friends-to-lovers is always a tough one—there has to be some worry about ruining the friendship but it’s easily overdone and turned into whining. This one had pretty good balance and wasn’t too terribly whiny, and you can definitely feel the tension between Sloane and Jasper. Plus, I love books where each character has a passion and a drive for something—here it’s ballet for Sloane and hockey for Jasper. Not as good as Flawless, the first in the series, but pretty close!

Rating: 3.7
Steam: High
Themes and Tropes: Friends to lovers, childhood friends, road trip, slow(ish) burn.
Pair with: Cheap beer. These two just aren’t wine characters, so this book calls for PBR or maybe even Natty Light. 

Ghostwriter Chandler is sick of being invisible and ready to move onto other projects. When her latest client—for whom she wrote a kickass bestseller—doesn’t even recognize her, she heads for the bar and meets a handsome stranger. One-night-stand? Why not? It’s been awhile and she could use the action. But, yikes, the guy is clueless and she gets out of that hotel room at light speed.

Actor Finn, known for a lovable cult character he played as a teen, is making the rounds at fan conventions and starting on his own book. He needs a ghostwriter, and top on the list is Chandler (though he doesn’t know who she is). Chandler’s agent sets up lunch and tells her this is one lucrative gig, but when she shows up and sees Finn sitting there, all bets are off. Of course, he has no idea that he was so bad in bed and is upset enough to ask Chandler to teach him what he needs to learn.

This book was cuter than I thought it was going to be. I’m pretty sick of books where a main character is a writer—so tired and so overdone in the rom-com world—and almost didn’t read it for that reason. But it had some nice quirks and I loved the idea of the oblivious man having to learn he’s not all that in bed and needs some lessons on how to please a woman. Finn really takes his lack of skills to heart and sweetly wants to learn, and watching the passion tick up between them was fun, though annoying at times with how long some of it dragged out. 

Rating: 3.5
Steam: Medium to High
Themes and Tropes: Lessons, Proximity, One Night Stand, Colleagues(ish), Road Trip
Pair With: Washington Wines

Mia and Nate have been best friends for YEARS—too many years. They’re so close and so obviously perfect for each other, but neither can see what’s right in front of their faces. When Nate’s anxiety threatens his well-being and safety, she suggests they take a road trip home to see his family and help him figure out what he needs.

So off they go, and they both bend over backwards to NOT tell the other how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking, for fear of ruining the friendship. Which is fine for a while but goes on WAY too long with too many repeats of the same type of conversation. And this may just be me because I almost always struggle with friends-to-lovers books and go crazy with how the characters don’t see it.

Still, Mia and Nate are adorable—they truly take care of each other, look out for each other, and love each other. Shout out to the author for tackling anxiety and stepping away to deal with mental health issues. Nate is just the loveliest book boyfriend and caring soul. The situations are funny and the other characters add some depth too, and we’re always up for a road trip romance!

Rating: 3.5
Steam: Low to Medium
Themes and Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Slow Burn, Road Trip, Proximity, Mental Health
Pair With: Good Times Good Friends Pinot Grigio

Headed to Scotland for a wedding, Addie and her sister suddenly get rear-ended by—of course—the ex-boyfriend Addie’s avoided like the plague for the last two years (and rightfully so). Dylan and his complete-waste-of-a-human friend Marcus now have no car and beg Addie for a ride. So off everyone goes with a LOT of baggage (literal and metaphorical) in a very small car.

In true road trip romance style, everything goes wrong and there’s plenty of ridiculousness and mishaps! On the romance side, Addie and Dylan can’t escape their history, and they find ways to confront it and move past the misunderstandings and trauma—there’s a lot to unpack. It’s amazing how much can happen in one weekend but it’s worth the ride.

P.S. – beware of the dual timeline. Necessary for this book but not my favorite ploy.

Rating: 4
Steam: Low
Themes and Tropes: Road Trip, Second Chance, Proximity,
Pair With; RoadTrip Wines