Five-Star Review: The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston

“Isn't it strange how the world works sometimes? It's never a matter of time, but a matter of timing.”

I dragged my feet before reading The Seven Year Slip—such a dumb move on my part! I should know better since I did the same thing with The Dead Romantics and loved it. And I loved The Seven Year Slip even more. So clever, well-written, unique, captivating! I could go on forever!

When Clementine walks into her apartment—inherited from her free-spirited aunt—she never knows if it’ll be present day or seven years in the past. The first time it happens, she finds Iwan, a complete (and gorgeous) stranger. She understandably freaks out, even though she’s heard the stories from her aunt and knows the deal.

And so it goes on, with Clementine never knowing which time frame will greet her when she unlocks the front door and whether she’ll see Iwan, who she’s falling for despite knowing it’ll never work—if it did, they’d be together in the present. Right? But that doesn’t stop her from falling. Hard. Even when she finds him in the present. Why does she let herself keep falling for him in the past, knowing her heart will break? Read and find out!

Wow—I almost never give five stars but The Seven Year Slip gets my first of 2024. Skepticism ruled before I started and even a little ways into the book. How could something like this work? Dual timelines are usually not my friend, and it’s so hard to get this type of storyline right. But she 100% got it right! The characters are beautifully written and developed and so real. Iwan had his present self and past self, masterfully done, still the same guy in some ways and different in others.

The time motif really sealed it for me. It’s not just going back and forth between past and present, but how people change or don’t change, what life and time do to people over the years, what you think you want, how love stays over time, and how timing affects everything. The author weaves it so beautifully into the characters’ lives and interactions; how people change in some ways but never change who they really are at the core.

Rating: 5
Steam: Low
Themes and Tropes: Time/Timing, Past and Present, Second Chance(ish), Change
Pair With: Pindar Sunflower Special Reserve Chardonnay (you’ll know why if you read the book)

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