Five-Star Review: Ready or Not by Cara Bastone

“I may or may not be experiencing some difficulty with playing it cool.”

Right off the bat, let me tell you I LOVED Ready or Not, mostly because of Shep. We need more Sheps in the world. If the loving, kind, thoughtful, supportive, and sexy book boyfriend is up your alley, you should be all over this book!

After an uncharacteristic one-night stand with a hot bartender, Eve finds herself knocked up and freaking out. Who shows up to support her? Her best friend Willa’s brother, Shep. He goes with her to tell the father and takes care of her so sweetly, expecting nothing in return, just wanting to be part of her life.

Ethan, the baby daddy, just got back together with his girlfriend when he learns the news. He’s a bit flaky on being a dad and definitely too wrapped up in the jealous girlfriend’s demands. But he’s coming around. 

Ready or Not is adorably broken up into trimesters, with Eve’s highs and lows throughout each, Shep’s unwavering presence, and all the things that happen in love, work, life. I cannot stress enough that he is just the best ever. His sister, Willa, and Eve’s supposed best friend, not so much. Willa’s been trying and failing to get pregnant, so is understandably heartbroken and emotional. But she just can’t find it within herself to be just the littlest bit unselfish and suck it up for the best friend who’s been there for her at her lowest moments. 

The way all the characters grew throughout the story, they way the all came together, the overflowing love and happiness at the end made Ready or Not such a feel-good heartwarmer that I have to give 5 stars. 

Rating: 5
Steam: Low
Themes and Tropes: Unexpected Pregnancy, Best Friend’s Brother, One Night Stand, Love Triangle(ish)
Pair With: Non-Alcoholic Wines

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