Find Some Fun Surprises in Erin Hawkins' Surprisingly Us

Surprisingly Us delivers on banter, chemistry, and all the fun!

Hard-core professional dancer Lettie needs more real-life passion to achieve her ballet goals. Wild ladies’ man Rhys needs to tone it down and get serious if he hopes to beat out his awful cousin for president of the family foundation. And when these two childhood friends meet up at a wedding, the perfect fake relationship is born! Rhys can give Lettie lessons in fun; Lettie can make Rhys look good in front of the board.

Surprisingly Us brings all the best banter, plenty of spice (it takes a little time, but once you get there, you get there), and just the best interactions. Erin Hawkins has such a way of making you feel the attraction, the big moments, and the personalities. You definitely know these characters and get a legit feel for who they are. The book has a little more miscommunication here than I’d like, and a few other annoyances, but I can get over it.

Loved that it got real pretty quickly for Rhys, loved how Lettie wanted to make sure he didn’t lose his vibrant personality through it all, loved how they really saw each other. The whole series was fun, with Unexpectedly Mine still my favorite but Surprisingly Us a close second. It also has a sweet epilogue that ties up all the plots and characters from the series. 

Rating: 3.5
Steam: Medium
Themes and Tropes: Fake Relationship, Childhood Friends, Opposites Attract, Reformed Playboy
Pair With: Your favorite Champagne or sparkling wine

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