Every Duke Has His Day by Suzanne Enoch

My favorite Suzanne Enoch book so far—I loved Michael and Bitsy, but the dogs are what did it for me!

The season’s diamond, Bitsy, is sweet, smart, and more than just a pretty face, but has rarely looked beyond balls and enjoying time with her friends. adores her ill-behaved poodle Galahad, much to the chagrin of her most ardent suitor (and slimeball), Peter. Dogs can always sniff out a bad guy, and Galahad is no exception.

Duke Michael, who’d rather pursue scientific breakthroughs than deal with society, reluctantly looks after his aunt’s poodle, Lancelot while she’s out of town. After a mishap in the park, the dogs go home with the wrong owners. But before they can switch back, someone dog-naps Lancelot from Bitsy’s house, throwing Michael and Bitsy together to solve the mystery.

Hilarity ensues and they are each surprised at how much they enjoy the other’s company. Each brings out other qualities in the other: Bitsy’s intelligence and natural curiosity shine when she engages with Michael about his scientific work; Michael finds he might even be able to socialize and tolerate some people in the ton.

Every Duke Has His Day is a fun and original book in the crowded English historical romance category—there’s only so much anyone can do anymore with these, but Suzanne Enoch found a bit of uniqueness here. Bitsy is no shrinking violet, though I do wish she’d put Peter in his place from the beginning. Michael is quirky and direct, and slowly admits to Bitsy (and himself) how much he likes her. I loved that they had an activity and a goal, rather than just the standard nonsense of balls and house parties, and that they worked together to solve it. Even the parts with the dog-napper were funny and added to the story.

Rating: 4.5

Steam: None

Themes and Tropes: Opposites Attract, Proximity, Mystery

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