Review: Don't Want You Like a Best Friend by Emma R. Alban

It's The Parent Trap back in Victorian England, with a few key differences...

I was really up and down with Don’t Want You Like a Best Friend (and now can’t get the lyrics out of my head). The main characters were both kind and loving souls down to their core. Gwen is witty, fun, a little irreverent, and the life of the party. She’s been through a few seasons and isn’t really interested in a husband. Luckily, her dad’s a wealthy earl and there’s no pressure to marry. But Beth, sweet and softer around the edges, will basically be homeless along with her mother if she doesn’t find a rich husband fast.

Gwen and Beth become fast best friends, united in getting their parents together. Clearly there’s some history there, and the women think their parents might fall in love all over again if only given the chance. And then realize they’re falling in love too, with each other. And then Beth meets a nice, boring, rich man who seems to like her. And would make it impossible to still have Gwen. 

Even though Gwen and Beth were lovely (and the other characters are lovely too), the story was a little flimsy at times. The resolution was really obvious, and there were so many things the characters should have realized earlier in the book. I do love how they reached a kind of extra resolution at the very end, though, and did not see that one coming.

Overall, Don’t Want You Like a Best Friend was a fun story–I hope there’s a sequel with the cousins!

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Rating: 3.5
Steam: Low
Themes and Tropes: Parent Trap/Matchmaking, LGBTQ+, Friendship, Women’s Rights, Difficult Choices
Pair With: A Sancerre, Taylor Swift’s favorite wine