Celebrate Galentine's Day With Romance and Best Friends

Ah, Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day? Why not both? Don’t you just love the romance books that also have the best female friendships? Often, these friendships make the books for me! Whether it’s a close relationship between two BFFs or a fun and hilarious friend group, let’s celebrate these friendships while also enjoying some romance! 

Here are some of our favorite romance books with strong female friendships, perfect for Galentine’s day!

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Best friends Blake and Marissa have so much in common: both self-made, brilliant, and wildly successful Manhattan businesswomen who care so deeply about each other and their families. Each has someone to turn to for literally anything, and the way they hilariously and lovingly support each other through these two books just hits the spot. Blake picks a pretty amazing guy; the jury’s still out on Marissa’s choice though…

BooksNot in a Billion Years and Baby, One More Time

Series Rating: 4.2

Steam: Medium (Book 1), Very Low (Book 2)

Abby Jimenez not only writes the absolute sweetest book boyfriends, but also creates some beautiful female friendships. In this case, Briana and Alexis. Suffocated by her uber-wealthy and controlling parents, slimy ex-boyfriend, and toxic “friends,” Alexis desperately needs a true friend. She finds one in Briana, who’s kind, brilliant, and patient—the best kind of friend—and helps her navigate a tough situation as she finds her true love. Then it’s Briana’s turn in Yours Truly, though I’d say the friendship vibe is better in Part of Your World. Still, both are lovely and heartwarming books!

Books: Part of Your World and Yours Truly

Series Rating: 4.4

Steam: Low

There are friends, and then there are friends who will help you bury a body and keep your secret forever. Here, meet Alexandra, Cecilia, and Francesca from How to Love a Duke in Ten Days, All Scot and Bothered, and The Devil in Her Bed by Kerrigan Byrne. These women cemented their lifelong friendship when Alexandra (accidentally) killed her rapist and all three girls buried him in their schoolyard. But the drama doesn’t end there. They’ve all survived heartbreaking tragedies and stick together no matter what. And after adventure, danger, and heartache, they all find true love eventually. If you’re into historical romantic thrillers, this series is for you!

Series Rating: 3.9

Steam: Medium

Best friends Kit, Zoe, and Greer win the lottery after a drunken night when none of them even knows which one bought the ticket! Each has a different plan: Scientist Kit has no interest in quitting her job and now has the cash to fix up her historic home. Corporate lawyer Zoe sees a way to do something more meaningful than bill hours. Greer can finally finish her education and escape her overbearing family. Each is present in the others’ love stories, and their devoted friendship brings so much warmth and humor. 

Series Rating: 3.9

Steam: Medium

An absolute classic romance series and one of my first forays into this world! And still one of my all-time favorite girl gangs. 

Four Regency-era women with one thing in common: they’re all wallflowers for one reason or another. Impoverished but beautiful Annabelle needs a rich husband; brash American heiress Lillian doesn’t fit in with English society; shy Evie is desperate to escape her abusive family; and if Daisy doesn’t find a husband by season’s end, her dad will force her to marry a man she hates. They unite to help each other find success in their world, which (unfortunately) is limited to finding a decent husband….

Series Rating: 4.2 (Devil in Winter is the best one)

Steam: Medium

If you’re looking for small-town, feel-good, and spicy among a group of strong and hilarious women, the Heart’s Cove Hotties series has all of the above. The series is up to nine books now. I haven’t read them all, but highly recommend #1 (Dirty Little Midlife Crisis), 2 (Dirty Little Midlife Mess), 5 (Dirty Little Midlife Debacle), and 9 (Dirty Little Midlife (Fake) Date). As you can see from the titles, these aren’t college kids or twentysomethings, but women in their 30’s and 40’s (though I don’t see 30’s as midlife quite yet) who have already been through some stuff and truly support and take care of each other.

Series Rating: 3.6

Steam: Medium

Pretty sure these four women form my favorite book friend group. Everly, Hazel, Sophie, and Nora create the perfect opposites-collect, bantering, fun friend group. They suffer through their workouts and reward themselves with martinis and good times at their local dive. You get Everly, a kick-a** admin for a powerful billionaire; stunning and nerdy science professor Hazel; clumsy and ridiculous Sophie; and happily single career woman Nora. Their trials and tribulations add so much energy and fun to their romantic entanglements. Like most series, the friendship is strongest in Book One before they pair off.

Series Rating: 3.9 (Book 3 brought it down a little, Books 1, 2, and 4 are amazing)

Steam: Medium to High

Evelyn, Julia, Anne, and Stella share a love of horses and individuality as they navigate Victorian society. Evelyn’s determined to build a career and find a match through horses, and her friends lend every support they can both for her business aspirations and her love for a half-Indian man in a racist society. Julia desperately needs to get away from her controlling and abusive parents, and runs away for a marriage of convenience with a military captain, and Anne contrives a ridiculous story to get to their home and make sure Julia’s ok. Stella is there for Anne when her family and life are crumbling, and all of them attend Evelyn’s lovely wedding. Stella’s book is next, and I hope it’ll bring these four lovely women together again!

Series Rating: 3.7 (Siren of Sussex is my favorite)

Steam: None

A fun, light, and squeaky clean/no-steam series, High Tea follows three sweet friends and has all the tropes. We start with a cute friends-to-lovers/roommates where the guy friend vets the potential boyfriends (hilarious) for Sophie while her friends are there for her. Then comes an enemies-to-lovers story where grudges from the past play a major role. Finally, Erin works for a professional rugby team and fake dates a player to help his image…And a fun spin is the series takes place in New Zealand.

Series Rating: 3.9

Steam: None