Find the Fun You Didn't Know You Needed in Birding With Benefits

Sarah T. Dubb’s debut novel, Birding With Benefits, delivers romance, fun, and banter between complete opposites Celeste and John. 

Celeste is reeling from her divorce and decides to say yes to new experiences (but no to love), so why not jump into birding and being a fake girlfriend? John is our hot, brooding lumberjack type who’s intent on winning a prestigious birding competition (and beating his ex in the process), but also isn’t sure where his life is going. So Birding With Benefits it is!

Tension and chemistry are there from the start, and I love how the characters got to know each other and the relationship built. The characters did annoy me a bit. Celeste was just so stuck on not having a relationship, period, that it was a bit ridiculous. She doesn’t trust herself after subsuming herself into her ex-husband’s life and losing who she was–understandable. But she takes that issue and debilitates herself even more. John is in a bit of a rut too and a standstill with his career and life, but he’s willing to try (he also doesn’t have quite the emotional baggage that Celeste does).

The opposites attract angle in Birding With Benefits was nicely done. Vivacious Celeste exudes vibrancy and life, while John is so reserved and often grumpy, and it works perfectly! 
And the birding was such a fun bonus! I know nothing about birding but now want to find birds everywhere I go.

Rating: 4
Steam: Medium
Themes and Tropes: Fake Relationship, Friends With Benefits, Opposites Attract, Divorce, Single Mom, Characters in Their 40s
Pair With: Your favorite wine from the Tucson, Arizona region

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