The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

Have someone in your life who loves wine? Someone who’s a sophisticated expert? Or someone who just loves to enjoy a glass or three? Here are some gift ideas sure to satisfy the oenophiles in your life this holiday season!

If only there were a truly universal wine glass perfect for literally any type of wine! Still, Zalto Denk’Art Universal Glasses come pretty close. They’re not cheap at around $78 a glass, thus, perfect if you’re planning a fancy gift for someone (too fancy for my blood). The Zalto glass is known for quality, luxury, and–best of all–recommended for the dishwasher! 

Recommended for “full-bodied to powerful wines, which are expressive but also show minerality and smooth character” and to “accentuate complexity and finesse.” Wine Enthusiast notes this glass is especially good for Chardonnay, Chianti, Riesling, and wines from Austria’s Wachau region. 

For a budget-friendly but good quality gift, consider a wine cooler (no, not the fruity drinks from the ’80s and ’90s!). The stainless steel, insulated Oggi Wine Cooler maintains the chill you want, whether you’re trying to keep a white cool in the summer heat or just maintain the right temp for a red. And, you can find it for around $20. 

For another option, there’s a Wine Enthusiast Double Wall Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller, with premium insulation and a clear, sophisticated look. No ice needed, as it has built-in insulation and can be used with just about any standard bottle of wine. 

This Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve is on my Christmas list! It gets rave reviews wherever I look (91% four or five stars on Amazon), and my grungy old wine cooler has seen better days! 

It’s so nice to have something to transport wine that actually keeps it cool, and this one appears to do the trick. Perfect if you’re thinking of someone who likes picnics (or any kind of outdoor wine drinking–youth sports, a romantic hike) or just want something easy to bring to a party. It has two removable gel packs to chill your wine and keep it cold. Available for $30 on Amazon or directly from Le Creuset

The Houdini electric corkscrew is our go-to to get that wine bottle open FAST and without a mess. Seriously, you get your wine open with the push of a button, and no little pieces of foil after!

It’s available at Target right now for $19.99, and you can find it at Wal-Mart (or pretty much anywhere) for $25 or less. 

What a pain it is to dry a bunch of wine glasses, right? But if you just leave them out, they end up spotted and dull. Problem solved with the Kohler Wine Glass Drying Rack holds 4-6 glasses! It’s designed to allow airflow and prevent the unsightly spots, and it might even fit in your cabinet for easy storage options. 

Available at Amazon right now at around $30, it’s a prefect gift for the organized (or someone aspiring to be organized) wine lover in your life.