Among the Heather by Samantha Young

Perfect setting: a luxury, members-only, celebrity retreat club in the Scottish Highlands. Among the Heather combines so many romance staples, then you add in two classic characters: hardworking spitfire Aria, Hollywood daughter who wants to be successful in her own right, and famous actor North who came from nothing and just loves acting.

Angry and mis-judgey sparks fly from the start—North sees Aria as a trust-fund baby who only got her job because of daddy; Aria pins North as the typical spoiled and selfish celebrity. And she’s had enough of those.

Aria has a TON of insecurities. Her not-so-loving supermodel mother never misses a chance to comment on her weight. Almost every boyfriend just used her to get to her famous director father and dumped her in pretty cruel ways.

North isn’t so trusting either, given the way his longtime girlfriend backstabbed him and broke his heart. And he’s in acting because he truly loves acting, not for fame. He’s so thoughtful, so into Aria, and wants to show her she’s beautiful, sexy, smart, and that she can trust him.

But Aria’s not easily won over, and this is where the story drags a little bit. North does SO MUCH to show her she can trust him and believe him, but it takes her forever to get past her mistrust. And yeah, a lot of that mistrust is legit—insecurities developed over years don’t just disappear the minute a boy is being nice, but her issues went beyond that and he wasn’t just telling her pretty things.

Once they let each other in, it’s lovely, with some really meaningful moments and sweet gestures (and some hotness of course). And there’s some drama and danger from the side plots to make it about more than just Aria and North. Overall, Among the Heather kept me entertained and was a fun, easy read.

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Rating: 3.8
Steam: Medium
Themes and Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Close Proximity, Celebrity/Actor
Pair With: Your favorite scotch (yuck). If you’re not a scotch fan, maybe a celebrity actor’s wine.