Review: Accidentally His by Sabrina Jeffries

Find true love among mystery, spies, simmering attraction, and family.

The third in Sabrina Jeffries’ Designing Debutantes series, Accidentally His follows spy/viscount Rafe and quick-witted foodie Lady Verity. Rafe knows someone in Verity’s family is sending messages to the French about English troop movements. He’s determined to uncover the criminal. What better way than to pretend to court Verity? But of course, the pretense quickly becomes real.

Verity and her sisters run Elegant Occasions, a business to guide debutantes through society and help them find husbands. She keeps seeing a “phantom” at their events—some uninvited guy often disguised. Once she actually meets Rafe, she thinks it’s him. But she wonders why? While everyone else is completely oblivious, she starts unraveling the mystery.

Verity’s personality and acumen really shine through. She’s creative with her business and has a talent for flavors and food—so much that people seek her out for her menus and ideas. That talent stems from her observation skills and curiosity.  She’s the one who sniffs out Rafe’s motives (of course, she’s the one spending time with him and wanting him, so…).

Rafe and Verity start with legit initial attraction. Then, it’s not long before you feel their chemistry and what’s simmering between them. The chance (and not so chance) meetings are sweet and hot at the same time, though the virgin ignorance maybe goes a little too far.

What I love about Accidentally His is how Verity and Rafe complement each other. Their personalities just fit so well. They work together to solve the mystery and help the people they love, and they help each other get past defenses. It’s just a very happy relationship for the most part—no stupid miscommunications, yaya! And the final obstacle made sense for the story and wasn’t ridiculous, etc. Sometimes I get really annoyed at secret-keeping, but wasn’t really here.

Overall, loved it. Accidentally His might be my favorite of the series (you can read it as a standalone), though I loved the others as well. 

Rating: 4.4
Steam: Medium
Themes and Tropes: Military/Spy, Mystery, Marriage of Convenience(ish), Instant Attraction, Tight-Knit Family
Pair With: Regency Wines

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