Fun Friday: Accidental Attachment by Max Monroe

Hilarious from the first page, witty banter, adorable characters....

It’s Friday and time for some fun! We’re going to try to feature our favorite purely-just-for-fun books every Friday, starting with Accidental Attachment by Max Monroe. 

Has anyone else accidentally sent the wrong attachment to an email? I know I have, though luckily it wasn’t a sexy romance book about my boss…

Brooke’s successful book trilogy is turning into a Netflix series, and she has to keep the momentum going with her next book. But, she refers to her draft—due now—as a heaping pile of garbage. So she gets a little drunk working up the courage to send this pile of garbage to Chase, her dreamy editor. She quickly hits send before she can rethink it (again), and two weeks later, she finds out she sent him the steamy fantasy she wrote about him.

And he loves it. And he’s betting his job that it’ll be a best-seller. And it needs to get edited in a few short weeks. So Chase joins her on the Netflix tour as her RV driver and off they go…

The banter between Brooke and Chase make Accidental Attachment so much fun, and the buildup to when they finally give in really works. Chase was the absolute best—he might have actually needed a few more flaws to make him a real person. There was some hate about this book taking too long to get going, but that didn’t really bother me (and I’m good with a slow burn when done well), but there is some repetition and it could have been shorter. Maybe I just liked Chase so much that I didn’t care! 

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Rating: 4
Steam: Medium
Themes and Tropes: Road Trip, Colleagues, Writer/Editor, Proximity, Slow Burn
Pair With: RoadTrip Wine, or consider an actual wine road trip